Fun at the beginners Watercolour Workshop! With watercolour, you don't use white paint - the really white whites are the bare paper. All other "shades of white" are painted delicately using pale lavender-grey, or hardly-there yellows. She's just starting her painting of white flowers.

Watercolour 1 and 2 for Beginners

This woman came afraid she couldn't paint! No, that's not a drop of green water on her paper, it's her painting of a raindrop on a green leaf - she just hasn't painted the green leaf yet!

Students in my day-long workshop INTRO TO WATERCOLOR 2 will create this "close-up" of the Atlantic ocean, a wave sweeping in & crashing against a rock - lots of splashes and spray!

With students at a Portrait Coaching Workshop


Students' Paintings - Painting the Psalms classes

Work in progress

Sept 2018

Watercolour 1 and 2 for Beginners
Learn the basics at 2 day-long workshops
Paints & brushes supplied

Sept  & Oct 2018

Painting the Psalms

Basic watercolour experience needed
 familiarity with the Bible not necessary


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