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For those who've mastered the basics

May 3 - 4
Fri  & Sat    9:30-4:00

Fun at the beginners Watercolour classes! With watercolour, you don't use white paint - the really white whites are the bare paper.

All other "shades of white" are painted delicately using pale lavender-grey, or hardly-there yellows. She's just starting her painting of white flowers.

No, we don't just paint flowers!  One of the things we'll be doing in the "Fun with Watercolour" class in April is a sunset. The one at right was originally painted for a Painting the Psalms class and it's a beauty!


September & October 2019

Pics from Beginners' Classes

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 Paint, reflect, re-energize

Location: my home / studio 56 Chandler Crescent

(in west end Moncton)

Two spots available. 



Coming in September & October

You can do this class even if the Bible's not your thing. Call me for details.

This beginner was so afraid!  But she painted a raindrop so real, looks like she spilled green water on the paper! Eureka!  She finished the little painting by including the leaf under the raindrop. 

Tulips in Crystal:  Light and Colour